A Smart Ring that Lets You Go Incognito? Here’s a Privacy Ring to Guard You 24/7


You walk into a restaurant, take your orders, and go home. But for some reason, you don’t want anybody to know that you’ve been to that restaurant — not the restaurant’s CCTV, not even your iPhone or your GPS tracker. With just a flip of a switch, your smart ring will cover your tracks as you wish.

This is what Me.Ring exactly does. Designed by Texas-based product and innovation firm Argodesign, the wearable device enables you to decide whether you let the government or private companies collect your data — including your face and location — or go full incognito mode. The latter lets you keep your actions from being captured and analyzed.

In a sense, Me.Ring gives you the option to engage or not with your surrounding, to whatever degree you are comfortable, according to Jenny Clark, associate creative director at Argodesign who’s behind Me.Ring’s design.

Me.Ring is a promising wearable device with a massive potential to revolutionize how we act and interact with the world. Not only that, the ring might be a boon to the smart ring market’s future growth.

But here’s the kicker — Me.Ring is just a concept for now. Clark designed the ring’s hardware mockup and is not really being built. Considering the complex yet promising functionalities of Me.Ring, what does it take to make the ring into a reality?

Clark said the software infrastructure needed to bring Me.Ring to life is enormous, and it would call for buy-in from both private companies and the government. While Me.Ring gives users the power to do whatever they want with their data, it will require rigorous laws and regulations to be passed and implemented since it potentially makes crimes so much easier to come about.

Me.Ring is just one of the few futuristic concepts Argodesign came up with. They also conceptualized so many other designs predictive of the future, including a drone ambulance to speed up emergency care.

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