How a Smart Ring Helped User Detect COVID-19


On March 12, Finnish entrepreneur Petri Hollmén woke up in the morning, checked his Oura Smart Ring data, and saw that everything wasn’t just right. Later in the day, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Despite the accurate biometric data his Oura Ring provided, detecting the possible symptoms of coronavirus wasn’t easy. He could quickly connect the dots, though. He had just returned from a lengthy business trip, which traversed through a couple of mildly virus-impacted areas in Central Europe.

Detecting COVID-19 Symptoms

Petri reckoned that if he wasn’t used to following his daily biometrics over a long period, it would have been impossible to recognize the likely effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus on his Smart Ring data. And probably he would have skipped signing up for the medical check.

“When I woke up, I felt quite normal. However, my Oura App gave me a low Readiness score – 54. It is around 80 or 90 usually. I thought the reason for the low score was the body temperature, which was just 1 degree Celsius above my average body temperature.”

The screenshot below shows a tiny spike that denotes the increased body temperature in the night before he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

smart ring detecting covid-19 screenshot

The mild version of the coronavirus can go by without noticing. This makes this virus a difficult one to stop – people simply do not feel anything and continue life as usual – while carrying the virus. 

Case in Point – Health Ring Benefits

Petri Hollmén’s COVID-19 story is an excellent case in point on the huge potential of the wearable health technology.

However, you cannot expect much value – let alone detect COVID-19 by merely sticking a Health Ring on your finger and checking the data every now and then. You have to have the patience to follow the trends over long, uninterrupted periods, and make it a daily routine. Also, most of the data points the wearables provide are meaningless if you don’t have a basic understanding of what they mean.

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