McLEAR Contactless Payment Rings Chosen by Spartan Race UK


Spartan Race UK, the leading obstacle race and endurance brand has agreed on a new 12 month partnership with McLEAR, the UK based Smart Ring maker.

The McLEAR Ring is a small, lightweight wearable device that allows customers to make fast, convenient and hassle-free contactless payments with a simple tap of the hand at any payment terminal in the world with the contactless symbol.

The partnership will see McLEAR provide exclusive discounts to Spartan customers, an offer that will be promoted across Spartan’s marketing channels.

As part of the agreement, McLEAR will also be showcasing the product at all Spartan Race events, including the final three races of the year in Windsor, Scotland and the iconic Twickenham Stadium. They will be offering exclusive race day discounts, as well a product demonstrations and customers will be able to register their device on the spot.

The McLEAR Smart Rings are fully waterproof, scratch resistant and stress tested meaning they can be worn whilst training or during Spartan events. The ring doesn’t require charging, so competitors don’t need to worry about charging the device ahead of events.

All Spartan racers will be able to use the Smart Ring to make fast and secure payments at events without having to search through pockets and bags for bank cards or phones.

The ring can be funded with any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card and customers can keep track of their day-to-day spends with the RingPay app.

Emily Le Roux, Director of Partnerships at Spartan Race UK says,

“We are delighted to announce our new partnership with McLEAR. They are one of the UK’s most exciting technology companies and a truly innovative organisation who share our passions for making positive lifestyle choices. We look forward to supporting their UK and International expansion alongside our own expansion across the UK and into new countries.”

Speaking about the partnership, Paul Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer at McLEAR said:

“Spartan are a fantastically driven organisation with a dedicated following and we are really excited about our partnership with them. The McLEAR Smart Ring has been designed to withstand all day to day activities meaning it goes hand in hand with the Spartan lifestyle.”

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