Moodmetric Ring Helps to Manage Stress – and it Knows if You Are Falling in Love!


Wellness Rings are admittedly the most popular Smart Ring segment today. Most of these rings (Circular, Motiv, Oura) measure heart rate, heart rate variation, and blood oxygen level to determine your health and wellbeing. Moodmetric makes an exception – it’s a Smart Ring that accurately measures stress based on the electric conductivity of your skin. And, while doing this, it can even detect if you are falling in love! This blog explains how Moodmetric does all this!

Wearable Stress Management

Moodmetric Ring measures the user’s stress level and provides customized and timely recommendations for how to recover from stress. It helps to recognize your stressors, and, on the other hand, it shows what relieves your stress. Moodmetric Smart Ring helps you to find individual ways to manage stress and balance the autonomic nervous system to feel and perform better in your daily life.

Moodmetric is not a newbie in the Smart Ring market. Its first version was launched in 2015. Currently, the Moodmetric ring is being used by wellness-savvy individual users, as well as organizations. Companies such as HERE Technologies have used Moodmetric for tracking the wellbeing of their organization and proactively preventing chronic stress. Research organizations and health care professionals use Moodmetric when accurate, real-time stress measurements are needed.

Moodmetric Stress Management Ring

How Does Moodmetric Measure Stress?

The Moodmetric wearable stress measurement ring is a unique device. However, the measurement method used by Moodmetric, Electrodermal Activity (EDA), has been known for more than a hundred years. It is one of the most studied psychophysiological markers for describing the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. EDA is an indicator of the sympathetic activity of the autonomic nervous system that is associated with emotion, cognition, and affection. Lie detection tests, among the many other applications are based on measuring EDA.

The Moodmetric ring measures changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. The Bluetooth-enabled ring transmits this data to the Moodmetric App on your smartphone, where you can follow the trend in real-time. Your current level of stress is calculated based on a complicated formula but expressed with one simple index on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher your score, the more stressed you are. According to Moodmetric, the measurement results are not distorted by hand movements and palm sweating.

What makes a ring efficient for measuring EDA?

EDA is based on electric conductivity. Skin moisture acts as a conductor and enables measuring electricity. The palmar and sole skin contains the highest density of the eccrine sweat glands. This makes the ring an efficient and easy way to measure EDA.

Moodmetric Stress Index

Moodmetric Stress Index screenshot

Moodmetric’s stress index is calculated based on an algorithm developed by the company. The index indicates your arousal on a scale from 1 to 100. High index means high arousal level, and that your sympathetic nervous system is very active. This can be a positive signal; you are enthusiastic. On the other hand, it can also mean that you are distraught, which is not good. The ring blinks a red light if the stress index reaches 75 and above.

When the index is low, your parasympathetic nervous system is working to recover from stress. When your stress index reaches 15 or below, a green light is lit up to indicate that you are fine and calmed down.  

How Can Moodmetric Detect Love?

A high stress index doesn’t necessarily always reflect a negatively stressful moment – such that you can feel after experiencing, say, several weeks of heavy workload, back-to-back meetings, and pressure. In fact, all our emotions, on the scale from an ultimate tranquillity to the most terrifying fear, are reflected by the electrodermal conductivity of the skin – and, can be measured with the right device, such as Moodmetric.

We all know how it feels to meet an attractive person – let alone the feeling of falling in love! These moments produce a mixture of feelings – everything between excitement, happiness, and confusion. Your body reacts to the emotional excitement by raising the level of arousal, increasing the skin moisture, and, finally, this intensifies the electrical conductivity of the skin.

The Moodmetric ring detects different levels of emotions based on EDA, the electrodermal conductivity of your skin, and reports this with the stress index. In some situations, a high stress index could be a sign of something else than dreadful, pressing deadlines at work. It could simply mean that the ring user might have fallen in love!

Vaasan Sähkö, a regional energy company in Finland, tested this by using the Moodmetric Smart Rings to measure EDA during three different blind dates organized for a single lady, and three groom candidates. The ring detected clearly elevated excitement when one of the matched pairs had their date. When the couple was interviewed afterward, the feeling of love was duly confirmed by both! (original article in Finnish)

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