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The Smart Ring product segment has been dominated by dozens of startup device makers – many of them are in the crowdfunding phase, as prototypes, or phased out products. Only a handful of products such as Moodmetric, Motiv Ring, Oura Ring, and Wave by Genki Instruments have been successfully launched, so far. Due to the confusing early-market stage, consumers and product and tech professionals have been struggling to find independent information about Smart Rings. This is until today. In Slush 2019, Smart Ring News has addressed this problem and launched the first global website dedicated to this rapidly growing product segment!

What is Smart Ring News?

The launch of the world’s first information website dedicated to solely to Smart Rings was announced by Smart Ring News. The content will be targeted for consumer audiences, as well as for product and technology professionals.

It will host a concise register of all the Smart Ring products available commercially, or those devices being developed or prototyped. The register will list the main functionalities, features, technical specifications, and lifecycle status for each product.

The website will also publish topical news about the market, latest products, and related technologies and innovations.

Smart Ring News currently features information about 20 Smart Ring products and prototypes in various segments. Here is a snapshot: 

Health, Fitness, and Wellness Devices:

GO2SLEEP, Moodmetric, Motiv Ring, Oura Ring  

Personal Safety Segment:

Blinq, Nimb

Ambient Sensing Devices:


Contactless Payment and Access Devices:

McLear, K Ring, OPN

Gesture Controlling Devices:

Wave by Genki Instruments

Voice Assistant Controllers:

Amazon EchoLoop, ORII

 The website is now online for anyone interested in these tiny, fascinating, high-end wearable devices, according toMikko Nurmimäki, the founder and editor of Smart Ring News. “We welcome all co-operation with the device makers, Smart Ring users, and content creators to help grow Smart Ring News, and intend to offer great stories and insights for these audiences,” Nurmimäki concludes.  

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About Smart Ring News

SmartRing News is the world’s first information website dedicated to the Smart Ring products, market, technologies, and innovations. Visit Smart Ring News!

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