This 3D printed smart ring is your best yoga companion


Only a few wearable devices if any at all specifically cater to yoga enthusiasts. A bunch of generic fitness tracker smart rings and other wearables are available on the market, but you can hardly find one that can make a good companion for every yoga session. But one that’s about to change the game is Modulaj by Triing.

Modulaj is a 3D printed smart ring that features a yoga AI coach, allowing you to have one-on-one personal training in real-time right through the accompanying mobile app. What the yoga AI coach does is that it reviews your yoga postures and benchmarks your technique against experts. In addition, the ring also gives you personalized feedback to help you improve your yoga practice. This stylish ring is not just for yoga, though, as it can also be used by people who practice Pilates.

Other than a smart ring for yoga and Pilates, Modulaj has a few more functionalities under its belt. It can be used as a fitness smart ring and enables you to configure your augmented self.

As a digital extension of yourself, Modulaj allows you to filter phone calls, text messages, and email using up to 20 keywords. In addition, you can silence your phone’s ringer or activate a safety phone call with a tap on your ring. It even enables you to create a trigger for fake phone calls in case you need to get out of an awkward social situation.

On the fitness front, Modulaj carries a couple of sensors that measure perspiration and respiration patterns, heart rate, and body temperature and then offers comprehensive insights based on the data tracked. Modulaj also has a way of measuring stress levels to evaluate the user’s emotional fitness. Using biometric signals, the ring maps emotions across days, weeks, and months. On top of all these, its biometric output from workouts is used to customize routines so users remain at their peak performance always.

In terms of design, Modulaj does not disappoint. It’s stylish and mostly made of recycled waste titanium from aerospace-grade materials. The ring has an interface that responds to haptic signals, which are then synced through the mobile app.

Modulaj is available for pre-order. Price starts at $165 / €140.

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