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Oura Ring


Truth be told, the Oura Ring is not the most accessible fitness tracker only made available through its website. With the growing competition in the smart ring market, Oura was forced to offer its well-lauded smart ring through common channels. If you are wondering where to buy the Oura Ring, we included a list of online stores where you can order it.

Oura Ring Summary

Oura Ring Features
Heart tracking
Sleep tracking
Blood oxygen monitoring
Stress monitoring
Recovery monitoring
Activity tracking
Menstrual cycle tracking
PriceFrom $299


Oura Ring on Amazon

The Oura Ring has just recently been made available on Amazon globally, a wise move for Oura, making the smart ring accessible to all. It’s available on Amazon US and Amazon UK and ships globally. The ring has the same price as the website, starting at $299 for the Heritage variants and $349 for the Horizon variants. The Oura Ring is available on all colors, including silver, stealth black, gold, rose gold, and black. Brushed titanium in Horizon is also available.

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Best Buy

Oura Ring on Best Buy

Another online marketplace to pick up the Oura Ring from is Best Buy. Oura’s venture into the mass market was in April 2024 when it partnered with Best Buy. The Oura Ring has since been available in 124 Best Buy stores and Best Buy US and Canada websites. All variants of the smart ring are available, including the brushed titanium model. Price starts at $299.

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Oura Ring on Softbank

If you are based in Japan, you can pick up the Oura Ring directly through Softbank stores, its website, and authorized retailers, including Yodobashi and Bic Camera. Softbank is a mobile company that started selling the smart ring in April 2023. Price starts at 48,302 yen or equivalent to about $326 at the time of this writing. All colors and styles are available.

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Oura Ring on website

You may also get the ring from the Oura Ring’s website. All styles and colors are available, of course. However, it takes a little longer for delivery to commence on the website based on experience, so I don’t recommend buying from there.

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