Ringo Smart Ring Features, Pricing, Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know

Ringo and Ringo Pro


A smart ring that measures body fat? That’s one of the Ringo smart ring’s promised functionalities on top of basic health tracking. But it’s not just a health ring as Ringo also has touch-free control and alerts features. If that piques your curiosity, here’s everything you need to know about the smart ring.

Ringo Smart Ring Summary

Ringo and Ringo Pro Smart Rings Features
Heart tracking
Sleep tracking
Blood oxygen monitoring
Stress monitoring
Activity tracking
Menstrual cycle tracking
Body fat tracking
Hydration level tracking
PriceFrom $169
AvailabilityJune 7, 2024

Ringo and Ringo Features and Functionalities

Two variants are expected to be released—Ringo and Ringo Pro. The main purpose of the smart rings is to provide a 24/7 health monitoring capacity to users, tracking their activities, sleep, heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen levels (Sp02), and menstruation for women.

Two things that are unique to the Ringo smart rings are their hydration levels indicator and body fat metric.

The smart rings also take recovery into account by looking at the user’s previous day’s sleep data, heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature. The user gets a score and personalized insights based on how well the body has recovered.


Ringo Smart Ring Body Fat
Ringo smart rings are promised to measure body fat.

The smart ring maker did not explicitly describe how the rings’ body fat and hydration level measurements work. Based on the released documents, these metrics will be based on ECG, body temperature, and heart rate data.

Ringo and Ringo Pro are not just about health as these rings also have smart interactive features. The smart touch control allows users to control their smartphone from a distance, whether they browse videos, play/pause/switch music, capture photos, or browse the web.

The smart features do not end there as the rings can receive event reminders from the user’s phone, whether it’s an alarm, a birthday, medication, anniversaries, or to-do and calendar notifications.


Ringo and Ringo Pro Specs and Design

Ringo Smart Ring
Ringo and Ringo Pro come in silver, gold, and half silver and half rose gold variants

Made from austenitic stainless steel, Ringo is touted to be light at 4.2 grams and ultra-slim at 2.1 millimeters, while Ringo Pro will weigh 6.6 grams and measure 2.5 millimeters. Both variants will have up to 7 days of battery life and 5 ATM water protection (water-resistant up to 50 meters).

Each ring comes in silver, gold, and half silver and half rose gold variants. Sizes available are US 7 to 13. Each purchase comes with a sizing kit that will be sent to you before sending the actual ring.


Ringo and Ringo Pro Pricing and Release Date

Ringo and Ringo Pro are currently available on Kickstarter for $169 and $265, respectively. Shipping will commence on June 7, 2024. Although the smart rings come with a charger, you have the option to get the wireless charging case for $20, which can extend the life of the rings up to 200 days.

Pre-order Ringo and Ring Pro smart rings here!

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