Hecere NFC Ring Specs, Features, Pricing, and Availability


Hecere NFC Ring
Hecere NFC Ring is a programmable smart ring.

Hecere is a Chinese RFID company that manufactures RFID-powered smart cards, wristbands, labels, keyfobs, tags, and readers. One of its latest ventures is in the smart ring market. From specs to features and pricing, here’s everything you need to know about the Hecere NFC Ring:

Hecere NFC Ring Specs and Features

The Hecere NFC Ring is a programmable passive smart ring that you can use for any functionality you wish. Whether you want it as a remote control to your smart appliances, a key to access your car, or as a key to your home, the Hecere NFC Ring for any keyless access or control.

Do note that the Hecere NFC Ring is blank, which means you have to configure it in a way you want it to function. To do this, you need to download its free NFC read-and-write app and program the ring there as you want.

The NFC ring is built with rewritable NFC forum type 2 215 chip, which can be used as NFC business card, automatic link sharing, fast connection to the internet or Bluetooth, and mobile games, among many others. You can use the Hecere NFC Ring with most Android phones. Speaking of internet, check out Xfinity Internet Plans for fast internet connection!

The Hecere NFC Ring uses a 360-degree omni-directional sensing technology, so you can count on its accurate sensing technology. The ring is made of zirconia ceramic material, which is comfortable to wear.


Hecere NFC Ring Pricing and Availability

The Hecere NFC Ring is available on Amazon for $33.80 in black color. It can be shipped globally.


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