5 Best Smart Rings with ECG

Best Smart Rings with ECG


If you’re looking for a wearable that can help you monitor your heart rate conveniently, smart rings just might be what you need. Many smart rings on the market feature sensors that allow them to function like an electrocardiogram (ECG). In this guide, we’ll talk about the best smart rings with ECG.

What is ECG used for?

An ECG is a test that monitors and records the heart’s electrical activity—i.e., heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and so on. It’s a very helpful test used to determine potential problems in a person’s heart, which can include:

  • irregular heart rhythm or arrhythmia
  • atrial fibrillation
  • heart inflammation or myocarditis
  • poor blood supply

An ECG can also help predict serious imminent problems, such as heart attacks, that could result from the above-mentioned cases.

How do smart rings with ECG work?

Usually, ECG tests require doctors or medical technicians to attach electrodes and wire leading to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs to measure heart rhythms. Since smart rings do not have these, they conduct ECG tests differently.

Smart rings with ECG are fitted with a slew of sensors that enable them to monitor vitals such as heart rate and HRV, along with other biometrics such as temperature. Through these sensors, these smart rings are able to provide users with an ECG literally within their fingertips.

5 Best Smart Rings with ECG

Tracking heart-related statistics isn’t the only thing they’re good at—they’re also designed to meet other needs as well. Here’s a quick look at the best smart rings with ECG:

1. Oura Ring

Oura Ring - Best Whoop Alternatives
Oura Ring

Despite adding a monthly subscription fee for advanced features, the Oura Ring is undoubtedly the most popular smart ring. Oura is currently selling the third-generation Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring uses infrared PPG sensors similar to those hospitals use to monitor patients’ heart rates. These sensors take samples 250 times per second for maximum accuracy. Oura says the measurements are 99.9% reliable and comparable to medical-grade ECGs.


The Oura Ring uses multiple LEDs to provide a more accurate reading than health-tracking smartwatches. It produces reliable measurements of users’ resting heart rate (RHR), HRV, and respiration rate. It also tracks users’ live heart rate, nighttime heart rate, and heart rate during workouts to give users better insight into their overall heart health.

If you are new to smart rings and want to use one to monitor your heart, the Oura Ring is a good first health-tracking device. The cheapest variant—a Heritage style Oura Ring in silver—costs $299. Buyers will need to pay more every month to enjoy all of the device’s advanced features.


2. Ultrahuman Ring Air

Ultrahuman Ring Air - Best Smart Rings
Ultrahuman Ring Air is the best smart ring for overall health monitoring.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is another popular smart ring among consumers, particularly those concerned with monitoring their heart health. Like the Oura Ring, this sleek-looking smart ring features an array of sensors, including PPG, which monitor vitals related to the user’s heart.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air uses its multiple sensors to measure heart rate, HRV, respiration, and more. While users shouldn’t rely on the device to be as accurate as medical-grade ECG equipment, it can be a reliable tool to measure vitals outside of sleep or workouts.


It’s worth noting that while the Ultrahuman Ring Air is designed to rival the Oura Ring 3, there are some important differences. First, it’s not as reliable when it comes to monitoring vitals during workouts. Second, sleep tracking is one of its major strengths. Third, it combines basic vitals with Ultrahuman’s metabolic fitness platform to provide additional insights into the users’ overall health.

Unlike Oura, Ultrahuman doesn’t charge monthly fees for advanced features. The good-looking smart ring costs $349 per piece, with all features unlocked. The Ultrahuman Ring Air comes from 5 through 14, which can accommodate more consumers.


3. Amazfit Helio Ring

Amazfit Helio Ring - Best Whoop Alternatives
Amazfit Helio Ring

Amazfit, a Chinese brand of smart devices, including smartwatches, entered the smart ring market with the Helio Ring—a fitness-focused wearable designed to track its users’ vitals regarding their physical activity. This device is less like the Oura Ring or the Ultrahuman Ring Air and more like the Whoop health tracker in the sense that it is aimed at measuring vitals related to recovery or other things.

The Amazfit Helio Ring features a slew of sensors and is able to measure heart rate, sleeping heart rate, blood oxygenation, and HRV with the help of the Zepp app (formerly the Amazfit app). Users will need to enable the heart tracking features in the app so that the Helio Ring will monitor these vitals. With this feature, users will be able to keep track of their heart health with just a few taps on the screen.


That said, while the Helio Ring can be a standalone health device, it works best when it is paired with an Amazfit smartwatch. This allows users to get a better overall picture of their health, especially if they maintain an active lifestyle.

The Amazfit Helio Ring is a promising health-tracking device that could be the better choice for athletes and those who want to get fit.


4. Circul+

Circul - Best Oura Ring Alternatives

Of all the smart rings mentioned on this list, Circul+ is the only one designed to be a portable medical-grade ECG sensor. It’s not as stylish as the Oura Ring or Ultrahuman Ring Air, but what it lacks in style points it more than makes up for in reliability and accuracy in terms of vital measurements.

The Circul+ smart ring uses its patented Sensor Stabilization Technology to ensure that the device fits properly and that its slew of sensors, including a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure/ECG Lead 2 scannable, accurately take measurements. This is the only smart ring to claim medical-grade accuracy and FDA 510(k) cleared blood oxygenation testing.


This smart ring can also provide accurate health readings regardless of the user’s skin tone. There’s no need to worry about LEDs making mistakes in measuring blood oxygen due to the user’s skin pigmentation. Doctors attest to the Circul+ smart ring’s accuracy and reliability, making it one of the most trustworthy consumer health devices available on the market today.

The Circul+ smart ring accommodates finger sizes from 8 to 16. It is sold for $299 per piece and comes with a charger.


5. Circular Ring

Circular Ring
Circular Ring

Last but not least, the Circular Ring offers another star for monitoring one’s health. The aptly named Circular Ring is a stylish health device with a replaceable outer shell (Pro variant). It tracks vitals such as heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen, and respiration. It also monitors biometrics during sleep and exercise and can act as a reliable stress management tool.

The Circular Ring uses a PPG sensor and two LED sensors to monitor heart statistics. It’s reliable and accurate in measuring heart rate and HRV, and its accuracy can be compared with that of other health trackers, such as smartwatches.


What’s great about the Circular Ring is that it monitors its users’ vitals and notifies them immediately if something is wrong. For example, if the user’s heart rate is too high, the device will alert them and provide recommendations or tips to relax and lower that heart rate to normal levels. Additionally, the Circular Ring helps users predict and manage stress.

While the Circular Ring is not as popular as the Oura Ring, it’s not as expensive. The device sells for $275, and users won’t have to pay a monthly fee for extra features. Everything becomes available with a one-time purchase. What’s more, since the outer shell is replaceable, the device can be customized to match the user’s look.


The Verdict: Which is the best smart ring with ECG?

All of the above smart rings feature the capability to monitor a user’s ECG. How should anyone choose what to get for themselves? Is the Oura Ring the smart ring with ECG?

For those who want an all-around smart ring that can measure accurate vitals and do not mind paying a monthly subscription, the Oura Ring is the best option. Those who want accurate measurements but do not want to pay extra to get more features should go for the Ultrahuman Ring Air or the Circular Ring.

Consumers who are hoping to have a smart ring to help them monitor their vitals while exercising have an option in the Amazfit Helio Ring and Circular Ring. These devices can do so much more than keep track of a person’s heart rate.

Those with a reliable, easy-to-use ECG tester that they can take anywhere have the Circul+ smart ring. This device monitors sleep as well, but it primarily works as an ECG worn around the user’s finger.

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