Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring: Which Smart Ring Does Women’s Health Better?

Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring


Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring—we’ve seen this comparison since their debut a few months back. No surprise there—both wearables are the only smart rings for women’s health tracking. But how does each smart ring stack up against one another?

Technology has made many things easier—including keeping track of a woman’s monthly period. Now, there are smart rings that can help women from all walks of life prepare for and manage their monthly menstrual periods and stay updated with their ovulation cycle.

Today, we’ll be talking about two women-focused smart rings designed to help female users monitor their monthly periods: Movano Health’s Evie Ring and the equally classy Femometer Ring.

Which of the two works better in helping women care for themselves? Let’s find out.

Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring Overview

Before diving deeper, here’s a quick comparison of the two smart rings:

Period prediction
Sleep tracking
Heart rate monitoring
Activity tracking
Recovery monitoring
Stress management
Blood oxygen monitoring
Battery lifeUp to 4 daysUp to 7 days
Water protectionIP22 (water-resistant up to 1 meter)IP68 (Water-resistant up to 1.5 meters)
Monthly membershipn/an/a


Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring: What Are the Differences?

Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring
Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring: Which is better for women’s health tracking?

Before discussing which is better for women’s health, it’s important to understand the key differences between the Evie Ring and the Femometer Ring.

The Evie Ring is designed as an all-around smart ring for women. It was made to fill in the gap left by other smart rings.

Apart from monitoring basic vitals such as heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and blood oxygenation (Sp02), the smart ring was mainly designed to monitor vitals related to women’s monthly periods. For this reason, it’s best to think of the Evie Ring as a do-it-all smart ring for women.

The Femometer Ring, on the other hand, is primarily designed for ovulation tracking. It monitors a woman’s basal body temperature (BBT) to arrive at predictions related to monthly periods, ovulation, fertility windows, and so on.

The ring also keeps track of its user’s temperature during sleep. While it’s effective at monitoring ovulation and fertility, it is not a full-featured smart ring, i.e. it does not track vitals such as heart rate, HRV, and more.


Now, let’s take a look at the features that each ring has.

Evie Ring Features

The Evie Ring has a slew of sensors used to keep track of vitals. These include:

  • optical heart rate sensors (red and green LED)
  • infrared heart rate sensors
  • skin temperature sensor
  • an accelerometer

These sensors monitor the user’s heart rate, resting heart rate (RHR), heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, respiration rate, and blood oxygen levels. They also keep track of the user’s monthly periods, sleep, and daily activities—including steps taken, minutes spent being active, distance traveled, and calories burned.

The Evie Ring is small and measures 8mm wide and 3mm thick. It weighs around 3.2 to 3.7 grams, depending on the size. Speaking of sizes, it’s available from 5 through 12.

Evie Ring
Evie Ring is available silver, gold, and rose gold.

It’s water resistant to a depth of 1 meter, so users won’t have to worry about washing their hands while wearing it. The ring features a uniquely designed gap to accommodate changes in the user’s finger, particularly the bloating that could occur whenever certain hormonal changes occur in the body.

Evie Ring’s battery can go from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes and can last for up to 4 days on a full charge. Interestingly, it comes with a carrying charging case that can store up to 10 or more charges, meaning users won’t have to worry about making sure the device gets charged safely on the go.


Femometer Ring Features

The Femometer Ring, on the other hand, only has sensors for temperature monitoring since it focuses on tracking its user’s BBT. The device is primarily used at night so that it can monitor the user’s BBT during sleep, which is the best statistic to use in determining ovulation.

The device’s temperature sensors are very accurate, measuring a woman’s BBT with an error margin of ±0.1°C between 30°C and 37°C. This means it’s very reliable and dependable for the purpose it is designed for.

Femometer ring - Best Smart Rings
Femometer Ring is the first smart ring for women that’s ever released.

What’s more, the smart ring is capable of syncing within 1 minute and can connect to an iPhone or Android smartphone within 3 meters, meaning users don’t have to worry about staying close to the nightstand or any nearby surface where their smartphone is placed.

This ovulation tracking device is small, measuring 8mm wide and 3mm thick, just like the Evie Ring. It’s slightly heavier, though, weighing between 3.8 and 4.2 grams, depending on the size the user chooses. 

There are only four sizes: 6, 7, 8, and 9. The device has two charging contact points, both of which are small enough not to be felt when the device is worn.


Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring: How They Take Care of Women’s Health

Evie Ring vs. Femometer Ring
Sleep, heart rate, and body temperature are main signals used for tracking women’s health.

So, how do the two smart rings fare when it comes to taking care of women’s health?

Evie Ring

With its slew of sensors, the Evie Ring can be counted on for the following uses:

Personalized Health Monitoring

The Evie Ring takes the difference between men and women into account when keeping track of vitals and providing suggestions. Healthy women tend to have slightly higher RHR compared to men (78-82 vs. 70-72 beats per minute (BPM)), and by getting the right measurements, the device will be able to give users are better look at their overall health.

Menstrual Period Logging

A woman’s menstrual period brings hormonal changes that affect many things, including sleep and overall health. Evie allows users to log and keep track of their menstrual cycle and PMS symptoms and provides recommendations on how to manage their well-being.

Evie uses the first date of its users’ last period and cycle length to estimate their next period, fertility window, and ovulation date. The device will also help users identify patterns and receive insight regarding the effects of their monthly period on their overall health.


Mood and Energy Monitoring

By logging their mood and energy levels into Evie, like a diary, users will be able to gain insights as to how their mood and energy levels are affected by their biometrics. The device will also help users identify patterns related to the changes in their moods so they can manage them better.

Evie Ring Review
Evie Ring

Fitness Tracking

Evie tracks its users’ heart rate and HRV while they exercise. It’s not automatic, however—users need to log in when they are exercising before the device can monitor their workout biometrics. Evie will also count the number of steps users take and combine this information with the user’s heart rate to determine how many calories they’ve already burned, as well as provide some insight regarding their overall fitness level.

The biometrics measured during exercise will also be used to give users recommendations as to whether they can continue breaking a sweat or if they should take a break and focus on recovery. Additionally, Evie can inform users if they’re under stress so they can relax and take it easy.

Sleep Tracking

Users can also rely on Evie to monitor their biometrics while they sleep. The device will monitor sleep patterns, the amount of time spent on each sleep stage, and the user’s sleeping respiration rate. This information will allow Evie to provide users with insight into how their sleep affects their overall health and give users recommendations to improve their sleep.


Femometer Smart Ring

While the Femometer Smart Ring is focused on monitoring a woman’s ovulation and fertility windows, the people behind it agree that a woman’s BBT affects their overall health. That said, here’s what the device can be used for:

BBT Monitoring and Ovulation Tracking

By wearing it at night before sleep, users will be able to use the Femometer Ring to monitor their BBT. This biometric indicates the possibility of a woman ovulating and entering her fertile window.

The device will also provide users with crucial information, such as their daily conception rate, and give them guidance on maximizing their fertility window. The device will be very helpful to women who are trying to conceive but might not be aware of the best times to try.

Femometer Ring Review
Femometer Ring comes in color pink.

Cycle Management

The Femometer Smart Ring can also be used to monitor and prepare for monthly periods and ovulation. The device can provide users with insights into their period and predict potential PMS symptoms. It can also provide users with guidance on managing and handling these symptoms.


Pregnancy Tracking

This is one feature that expecting moms are sure to love. Once a user gets pregnant, the Femometer Smart Ring can then be used to monitor their pregnancy. Specifically, the device will help users become aware of their own health and well-being, helping to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Sleep Tracking

Finally, the Femometer Smart Ring can also be used as a sleep tracker. It collects sleep data every minute and provides users with a detailed review of their sleep information, including details on their sleep duration and quality.

Using the information it collects, the device can provide users with expert analysis of their sleep patterns and how they change over time. The device will also help users improve their sleeping habits and reset their circadian rhythms.


The Verdict: Which Smart Ring Is Better At Women’s Health?

To sum it all up, it’s easy to understand that both smart rings have their functions and uses. Because of this, we really cannot say that one is better than the other overall. Simply put, it all depends on the user’s needs.

Women who want an all-around smart ring that can help them monitor their health on a daily basis should opt for the Evie Ring. It’s capable of monitoring every single essential biometric that users will want to be aware of. It can also help users monitor menstrual periods and mood changes.

Women who are hoping to get pregnant and want to be in tip-top shape for it, on the other hand, should get the Femometer Smart Ring. This specialized device will help users prepare for ovulation and live healthy lives so that they are at their best, whether the baby is yet to be conceived or is already growing inside their mother’s womb.

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