3 Best Smart Rings for Women in 2024


Best Smart Rings for Women
Femometer Ring, Evie Ring, and Oura Ring are the best smart rings for women on the market.

When it comes to health-tracking wearables, one that’s mainly designed for women is hard to come by. However, it’s a different case for the smart rings. Because of their form factor, smart rings can inherently be engineered to help women manage their health. In this guide, we rounded up the 3 Best Smart Rings for Women.

Smart rings for women are mainly used for period prediction, especially for couples who are trying to plan a pregnancy or for that matter avoid it. The majority of smart rings for women have all the functionalities of health smart rings, but they have a more robust body temperature sensor as a large part of it is monitoring it.

Do note that some smart rings for women require a third-party menstrual cycle tracking app, while others don’t. We included them on this list. Without further ado, here are the 3 Best Smart Rings for Women:

1. Femometer Ring

Femometer Ring - Best Smart Rings for Women
Femometer Ring is the first-ever smart ring for women.

Developed by a New Jersey-based women’s health tech company of the same name, the Femometer Ring is the first fertility ring mainly designed for ovulation and period prediction with a bunch of other health-tracking functionalities. The smart ring continuously reads your basal body temperature (BBT) every minute (no need for manual input!), giving you 99% accuracy of your period predictions on your most fertile days. This is 50% more precise than a fitness tracker or menstrual cycle tracking app.


Through the app, you can also see your ovulation changes in real-time and can give you the 7 most fertile days, increasing your chances of getting pregnant each cycle. And of course, the Femometer Ring can be used for a holistic approach to health and wellness with its sleep-tracking functionalities.

The Femometer Ring costs $149 and is available in pink/white color and 6-9 sizes.


2. Evie Ring

Evie Ring - Best Smart Rings for Women
Evie Ring is one of the best smart ring for women with its open design.

Produced by US-based health tech company Movano Health, the Evie Ring is a revolutionary health smart ring for women. One thing that’s worth mentioning first about this ring is its open design. Unlike most smart rings, the Evie Ring does not have a closed-loop body, enabling the ring to stretch up to 2 millimeters. Why is this important? Women’s knuckles can get a little larger due to changes in hormones during perimenopause and menopause, so this open design allows for a good, comfortable fit no matter what. In addition, finger size can also fluctuate with the seasons, hydration levels, and salt intake.


Outside of menstrual cycle tracking, the Evie Ring can also track various health metrics such as heart rates, blood oxygen, activities, sleep cycles, and body temperature. Unlike health and wellness smart rings on the market, the Evie Ring is approved by the US FDA, so it’s considered a medical-grade wearable, meaning it passed the standards set for devices used in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

The Evie Ring costs $269. No premium subscription fee is necessary. It is available in silver, gold, and rose gold colors and sizes 5-12.


3. Oura Ring

Oura Ring - Best Smart Rings for Women
Oura Ring can be used for period prediction through the Naturals Cycle app.

Oura has a different methodology when it comes to period prediction. With its robust body temperature tracking feature, the Oura Ring is only used for gathering data. This set of data is only usable for planning your pregnancy with the help of Natural Cycles, an FDA-approved birth control app. Oura might not be laser-focused on women’s health, but with its host of health-monitoring capabilities, women can use the smart ring to approach their ovulation from a better perspective.


The Oura Ring starts at $299. It is available in two styles and in colors silver, black, stealth, gold, rose gold, and brushed titanium. Sizes available are 6-13.


I believe there are more smart rings that can be used for period predictions. But at this point, these three rings are honestly the only ones worth mentioning. Both the Ultrahuman Ring Air and Ringconn are expected to release menstrual cycle tracking features soon.

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