Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring: Which Is Better for Women’s Health Monitoring?

Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring


While there are more than a dozen smart ring brands available on the shelves, there are only a few smart rings capable of monitoring a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle. One of them is the popular Oura Ring, while another one is in the form of newcomer Evie Ring from Movano Health.

In this Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring review, we’ll examine the two smart rings, how they perform, and which is the better choice for women.


Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring Quick Comparison

Before diving deeper, here’s a quick comparison of the two devices:

Period prediction
Sleep tracking
Heart rate monitoring
Activity tracking
Recovery monitoring
Stress management
Blood oxygen monitoring
Battery lifeUp to 4 daysUp to 7 days
Water protectionIP22 (water-resistant up to 1 meter)IP68 (Water-resistant up to 100 meters)
Monthly membershipn/an/a

Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring: First Impressions

The Evie Ring is the first smart ring designed exclusively for women’s tastes and needs (although the Femometer Ring was the first to be released). It has a unique open design that allows for comfort regardless of whether the user’s fingers are bloated with hormonal changes or not.

It also comes in three shiny finishes—gold, rose gold, and silver. It won 11 “Best of CES” awards when it was unveiled in 2023 and is a medical-grade health tracker that can be counted on to provide women with the information they need to care for their health.

The Evie Ring is made using a proprietary material called “LiquidMetal.” This is a zirconium-based alloy coated with titanium PVD coating for a shiny finish.

The smart ring measures 8mm wide and 3mm thick and weighs 3.2 to 3.7 grams, depending on the size. It’s available in sizes from 5 through 12 and is water resistant to a depth of 1 meter, meaning it is limited to light water exposure only.


Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring
Evie Ring and Oura Ring are two popular smart rings that women can use.

Oura, on the other hand, has been in the smart ring industry for years. This device is the result of 10 years of research and development and has improved features compared to older iterations. There are two Oura Ring versions: the classic Heritage and the sleek Horizon.

The Oura Ring features research-grade sensors that are capable of making accurate measurements day in and day out. Its exterior is made using durable biocompatible titanium with PVD coating, and its interior is made using non-allergenic, non-metallic seamless molding.

The Oura Ring has six finishes: silver, black, stealth gray, brushed titanium, gold, and rose gold. It measures 7.9mm wide, 2.55mm thick, and weighs 4-6 grams depending on the size. It’s available in sizes from 6 through 13. The ring is water resistant up to 100 meters, and you can use it when swimming, snorkeling, and even recreational diving (with caution).


Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring: Features and Functionalities

Both the Evie Ring and Oura Ring feature the latest technologies in personal health tracking. Here’s a quick look:

Evie Ring Features

Evie Ring has several sensors that are used to monitor vitals. These include:

  • Optical heart rate sensors (red and green LED)
  • Infrared heart rate sensors
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • Photodiodes
  • An accelerometer

These sensors allow the Evie Ring to be used for the following purposes:

Personalized Health Monitoring

The Evie Ring considers differences between men’s and women’s vitals and does its best to accurately measure RHR, HRV, and blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) to provide helpful insights. Healthy women have slightly higher RHR compared to men (at 78-82 vs. 70-72 BPM). By getting the right measurements, Evie will be able to provide a more accurate picture of its user’s overall health condition.

The Evie Ring measures vitals in three different ways: passively measuring vitals every five minutes during daytime and nighttime, on-demand real-time measurements for a period of 40 seconds, and also monitoring of vitals while the user is working out.


Workout and Fitness Tracking

Evie can also be used to track heart rate and HRV while the user exercises. These biometrics give users insights into whether they can keep exercising or if they need to rest and prioritize recovery.

The device can also tell if the user is experiencing stress. However, the device won’t track workouts automatically. Users will need to log their exercises if and when applicable.

Aside from monitoring vitals during exercise periods, Evie will also monitor the number of steps users take each day. Combined with the user’s heart rate, this will help users know how many calories they have burned and provide them with detailed insights about their overall fitness.

Evie Ring
Evie Ring is available silver, gold, and rose gold.

Sleep Tracking

The Evie Ring is a good choice for a smart ring that can help users improve their sleep. In addition to tracking biometrics, the device will also monitor sleep patterns, sleeping respiration rate, and the duration of every sleep stage. These help Evie determine how the user’s sleep affects overall health. The Evie app will then provide recommendations on how users can improve their sleep.

What’s best about this is that the user’s finger remains comfortable even if it bloats, thanks to the unique gap created by the Evie Ring’s design.

Menstrual Period Logging

Hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s monthly period can affect sleep quality and overall health. Users can use Evie to keep track of their menstrual cycle and PMS symptoms to get recommendations on how to cope and improve their overall well-being.

The longer Evie is used, the more it can identify patterns and predict certain conditions. It can also provide better insight by using the first date of its wearer’s last period.

Mood and Energy Monitoring

Users can log their mood and energy levels to Evie daily as if they were keeping a journal. Evie will use the information over time to help users identify patterns in mood changes and provide users with insights to help them understand how their vitals affect their mood and energy levels daily. These insights can then be used to help manage issues related to mood changes and energy levels.


Oura Ring

The Oura Ring uses research-grade sensors to monitor vitals. These include the following:

  • Infrared PPG sensors
  • Green LED sensor
  • Red LED sensor
  • Skin temperature sensors (negative temperature coefficient sensors)
  • Photodiodes
  • 3D Accelerometer

Oura has spent years improving these sensors and the technology behind them. With these, the Oura Ring can be used for:

Sleep Tracking

The Oura Ring is known for reliable and accurate monitoring of vitals during sleep. It will monitor specific information such as actual sleep duration, how deep the user’s sleep is, restfulness, how quickly the user falls asleep, and whether the user’s sleep is in sync with their circadian rhythm.  

The smart ring will also monitor breathing rate and Sp02 and combine this to give you your Sleep Score, which is a detailed and actionable analysis meant to help users improve their sleep.


Readiness Scoring

The Oura Ring will then use the sleep score, along with the user’s HRV, body temperature, and RHR, to determine their Readiness Score. This score helps users determine whether they have had enough rest and are in optimum health to take on the day’s activities.

Oura Ring 4
Oura Ring 3 variants

Activity Monitoring

The Oura Ring also monitors users’ movements, such as the steps they take during the day. It will combine activity data with users’ vitals to provide them with their Activity Scores.

This score helps users determine whether they are getting enough rest in proportion to the activities they engage in each day or if they are not getting enough exercise and should do more to stay fit and healthy. The device will also indicate the amount of calories burned.

Accurate Vitals Monitoring

The Oura Ring boasts of having the same accuracy, or even better, than that of the leading health trackers and smartwatches in the market today. Using its technologies, the device will accurately monitor vitals to provide users with reliable insights to help them stay on top of their health condition daily.

Stress Management

The Oura Ring can help users manage their stress levels. With prolonged use, it can learn the user’s biorhythms and eventually recognize stress and predict when it occurs. The device will provide users with information about the factors that cause their stress and give insights on how to build stress resilience to combat it.

Menstrual Tracking

Female users will be able to use the Oura Ring to track their monthly periods. Over time, the device will learn about the user’s specific body temperature trends that change with their hormones from time to time. The Oura Ring will then help users predict their menstrual cycles per month.


Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring: Pros and Cons

Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring
Evie Ring vs. Oura Ring–which smart ring is better for women’s health?

Both the Evie Ring and Oura Ring have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before buying. Here’s a quick look at each of them:

Evie Ring’s advantages over Oura Ring

  • Cheaper than any Oura Ring model on the market
  • All features are unlocked with purchase—no monthly subscription fees
  • Charger can be used to charge Evie on the go for up to 10 times
  • Charger doubles as a carrying case—no more worries about dropping or misplacing the Evie Ring
  • Gap provides maximum comfort when fingers get bloated
  • Very friendly user interface, especially for those using a smart ring for the first time
  • Accounts for differences between men’s and women’s biometrics for better insights and recommendations

Oura Ring’s advantages over Evie Ring

  • Boasts of better features as a result of 10 years of R&D
  • Made with more durable materials—doesn’t scratch easily, unlike Evie
  • More accurate measurements whether you’re awake or asleep
  • Tracks movements better than Evie
  • Works with over 40 apps, including Peloton, Strava, Apple Health Kit, Google Health Connect, and more for an integrated and well-rounded user experience
  • Fully charged battery lasts for up to 7 days
  • Has better water resistance

The Verdict: Which is Better for Women’s Health Monitoring?

Perhaps it’s easier to see that the Oura Ring is better than the Evie Ring in terms of accuracy, overall usefulness, and durability. It’s worth noting, however, that this gap in performance results from Oura’s 10 years in the health tracking industry. The Evie Ring still has some room for improvement, but that’s because it’s still considerably new.

If you’re in the market for a female-focused health tracker and do not mind waiting for updates and fixes to come in the future, then the Evie Ring could be a great choice. It’s cheaper than the Oura Ring at $299 and shows a lot of promise.

That said, it might be better to wait for Movano to iron out issues before spending money on this device. And if you’re already using a smart ring that works, wait for bugs to be solved before making the jump.

If you’re looking for a reliable smart ring and do not mind paying more for accurate measurements, then go ahead and get the Oura Ring. You can get the Heritage version for $299, and the sleeker and more stylish Horizon for $349. With an additional $5.99 per month for membership, you can get access to in-depth sleep analyses, temperature trend monitoring to predict sickness and monthly periods, personalized health insights and recommendations, and live and accurate heart monitoring.

Get the Evie Ring here. Get the Oura Ring here.

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