Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air: Which Health Tracking Device Is Better?

Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air


Smart rings have made their way into our lives, helping us keep track of our health better than ever. If you’re wondering what smart ring to use aside from the super-popular Oura Ring, you’ve come to the right place. In this Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air Review, we’ll be talking about the newly-released Circular Ring (which comes in Slim and Pro variants) and the hyped Oura Ring killer Ultrahuman Ring Air. Which health and wellness smart ring is better?

For this comparison we are taking a look at their specs and features, how they perform in real-life scenarios, what they are best used for, and how to choose between the two.

Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air Quick Comparison

Before diving deeper, here’s a quick comparison of the two devices:

Sleep tracking
Heart rate monitoring
Activity tracking
Recovery monitoring
Stress management
Blood oxygen monitoring
Period prediction
Battery lifeUp to 5 daysUp to 6 days
Water protectionIPX8 (water-resistant up to 5 meters)IPX8 (Water-resistant up to 100 meters)
Monthly membershipn/an/a


Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air: First Impressions

Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air Which Is Better
Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air–which is better?

While both the Circular Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air look good, each has a uniqueness that will appeal to various users. Both come in clean-looking packaging designed to entice buyers, and both come with chargers inside the box. Ultrahuman included a USB Type-C cable in the box, but Circular did not, which users might want to have for convenience.

The Circular Ring comes with replaceable outer shells made using an alloy of stainless steel and carbon fiber and coating. The interior is made using medical-grade material that feels a bit plastic. The outer shells come in four different colors—silver, gold, rose gold, and shiny black—and you can always buy an extra in case yours gets scratched or dented with use. The smart ring is 9mm wide and 2.75mm thick and weighs 4 grams. This means it’s quite comfortable, but you’ll feel it on your finger, especially because of its size and the two metal prongs. It has sizes from 6 through 13.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air, on the other hand, doesn’t come with replaceable shells but is designed to last very long. It’s made using fighter jet grade Titanium, reinforced with tungsten carbide carbon coating. The part that sticks to your finger is made using medical-grade hypoallergenic epoxy resin. It’s 8.1mm wide and 2.4mm thick and weighs 2.4 grams. Its thickness and weight vary with size, from size 5 to 14.


Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air: Features and Functionalities

Both smart rings are packed with the latest technologies used to monitor and stay on top of one’s health conditions. There are some differences, however, and these could be the deciding factor when you choose to buy one of them. Here’s a quick look at the features the Circular Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air have:

Circular Ring

The Circular Ring boasts of the following sensors:

  • 1 Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor with infrared
  • 1 red LED sensor
  • 1 green LED sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 1 surface temperature sensor
Circular ring Pro - Circular Ring Review
Circular Ring Pro 1

 With these sensors, the Circular Ring Slim and Pro variants can be used for the following purposes:

Health monitoring

Circular Ring can be used to monitor your heart rate 24/7 and get real-time measurements on demand, as long as it has a battery. This includes monitoring your HRV (heart rate variability), Sp02 levels, max HR, and activity intensity.

Sleep tracking and improvement

The Circular Ring can be used to keep track of your vitals while you sleep. It will also monitor your breathing patterns, and will give you recommendations on improving your sleep using core sleep and nap data.


Stress and energy monitoring

Circular Ring Pro can also monitor your stress and energy levels and provide you with feedback and recommendations for predicting and handling stress. It can also launch guided breathing exercises to help you relax during the day and even as you prepare for sleep.

Overall health recommendations

Circular Ring Pro will monitor your vitals and notify you if there’s something that needs immediate attention. The device keeps track of your body temperature to help you determine if you have a fever. And if you have any medications, the smart ring will remind you to take them on time. Using its proprietary AI named Kira, the device will provide you with recommendations on how to improve your health.


The Circular Ring Pro features a smart alarm that can help wake you up gently at the right time so that you feel rested and refreshed at your preferred time. It also uses a strong vibration motor to alert you at your set time.


Ultrahuman Ring Air

The Ultrahuman Ring Air, on the other hand, has the following sensors:

  • Infrared PPG sensor
  • Non-contact medical-grade skin temperature sensor
  • 6-axis motion sensors
  • Red LEDs (heart rate monitoring and Sp02)
  • Green LEDs (heart rate monitoring)
  • Infrared LEDs (heart rate monitoring)
Ultrahuman Ring Air - Best Smart Rings
Ultrahuman Ring Air is the best smart ring for overall health monitoring.

With these features, the Ultrahuman Ring Air provides important information you can use. These are classified into the following:

Movement Index

While the Ultrahuman Ring Air is capable of monitoring your overall vitals, it places emphasis on your movements so that it can help you maximize your metabolism and increase your non-exercise energy usage on a daily basis. For instance, it will inform you of the number of steps you’ve taken and the amount of calories you’ve already burned for the day. It will then give you helpful nudges so that you can develop and maintain healthy movement habits.


Sleep Index

Next, the Ultrahuman Ring Air will monitor your vitals as you sleep to provide you with an accurate picture of your sleep quality at night (or day if you stay up at night). It monitors sleep duration, your heart rate and HRV while sleeping, and your movements to calculate restfulness. If you’re interested, it can also provide details as to how deep your sleep is (sleep stages) and how long you have been sleeping that way. The device will also monitor your blood oxygenation and temperature and indicate how they impact your sleep as well.

Recovery Scoring

The Ultrahuman Ring Air also uses the information to provide you with insight about your body’s condition and then gives you recommendations on how to improve recovery. For example, it will monitor your vitals to determine whether you’re under stress or have a higher temperature than normal. The device can gather enough data so you can monitor how you’ve been doing for some time. It will then provide you with helpful tips on what you should do to improve your overall well-being at the moment.

Overall health improvements

Aside from the above, the Ultrahuman Ring Air also uses the data it gathers to provide you with recommendations to improve your overall health. These include providing tips for improving your body clock, getting better restful periods in between activities, eating your meals on time, and more.


Circular Ring vs. Ultrahuman Ring Air: Pros and Cons

All that said, both the Circular Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying. Here’s a quick look at each of them:

Circular Ring Pro advantages VS Ultrahuman Ring Air:

  • Slightly bigger size means you’re more conscious that you’re wearing the device and will be cautious about it
  • Replaceable outer shells allow you to refresh your Circular Ring Pro’s looks
  • Physical button allows for a more tactile feel when using the Circular Ring Pro
  • Charging takes only 45 minutes from 0 to 100%.
  • Battery lasts up to 5 days
  • Can work with iPhones running on iOS 11 (Ultrahuman Ring Air is limited to iPhones running iOS 15 and newer)

Ultrahuman Ring Air advantages VS Circular Ring Pro:

  • Ultrahuman Ring Air is smaller and lighter, and more comfortable to wear for longer
  • Has more sensors, allowing for more accuracy when monitoring your vitals
  • App has better UI
  • Premium looks and better feel compared to Circular Ring Pro
  • Does not have prongs, unlike the Circular Ring Pro
  • Has better water resistance
  • Provides more accurate readings and more useful insights
  • Comes with USB Type-C in the box
  • More affordable


The Verdict: Which is Better?

By now, you might be asking, “What should I buy?” Regardless of the pricing and design, you’ll have to consider what they are meant to be used for.

If you want to get a good smart ring that can help you sleep better and wake up refreshed and on time, the Circular Ring might be the better option. Its features are clearly designed to help you prepare to get better sleep, improve your sleeping patterns, and wake you up gently as opposed to getting shocked by a loud alarm beside your bed. The Circular Ring also matches your mood and daily get-up, thanks to its replaceable outer shell.

If you’re looking for a smart ring that can help you accurately monitor your vitals and improve your metabolism and daily activities, then go for the Ultrahuman Ring Air. It has loads of sensors to assess your overall well-being accurately and provides you with the necessary insight you need to make sure you stay healthy. It’s not a full-on fitness tracker, but it can help you keep track of your steps, the calories you burn, and the rest you get. It’s more affordable, definitely reliable, and a really good option if you’re always on the move.

Get Circular Ring here and Ultrahuman Ring Air here.

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