Samsung Galaxy Ring Features, Specs, Pricing, Release Date: Everything You Need to Know


Samsung Galaxy Ring Features, Pricing, Release Date
Samsung Galaxy Ring is coming soon.

It’s confirmed! After years of speculations and rumors, we are finally getting the Samsung Galaxy Ring soon as the South Korean tech giant officially announced the health-tracking smart ring at the 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event alongside the company’s other upcoming device offerings. If you’re like us who have been waiting for years for Samsung’s first-ever smart ring, here’s everything you need to know so far:

Samsung Galaxy Ring Features and Specs

Nothing much was revealed at the event for the Galaxy Ring aside from a short clip of a smart ring. But one thing is for sure—the Galaxy Ring is a health tracking wearable. Presented by Dr. Matthew Wiggins, Samsung’s clinical research scientist, the smart ring is designed to help users boost their health experience powered by Galaxy AI.

If we are going by the health smart ring segment, the Galaxy Ring should be able to at least track sleep, activities, heart rate, blood oxygen, and body temperature, among other things. Since the ring is coming from a major tech company, we can only expect robust technology inside the ring.


According to Dr. Wiggins, the Samsung Health experience will include the ability to keep tabs on possible sleep apnea symptoms through sleep patterns, blood oxygen changes as well as tracking heart rate alerts during sleep.

Other than that, Dr. Wiggins teased the “My Vitality Score” to measure how good (or bad) your physical and mental state. This feature has been done by Oura, Ultrahuman, Ringconn, and many other health rings. Nevertheless, we are excited to see what Samsung has in store for us.


A patent that Samsung filed in February 2023 revealed that then unnamed Galaxy Ring is “intended to cover the categories of wearable smart devices in the nature of a smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information.”

This information alone is very telling what the Galaxy Ring is about, but we suspect there’s more to it than health monitoring. We could also be seeing a Galaxy Ring that controls smart devices.


Samsung Galaxy Ring Release Date and Pricing

As for availability and pricing, no word has been given. We might hear more in later this month as the new Galaxy S24 smartphone starts shipping.

And as for pricing, the Galaxy Ring could be set around $200. Most smart rings on the market cost less than $200, while more popular ones like Oura Ring and Ultrahuman Ring Air cost more than $300.

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