Velia Smart Ring Specs, Features, Pricing, and Availability


Velia Smart Ring
Velia is an upcoming smart ring for 24/7 blood pressure monitoring

“Sleekest and smartest ring ever created” — this is how the founders behind the Velia, formerly Iris, describe its forthcoming wearable device. While it’s a bold statement, Velia seems to be a promising device designed to be a revolutionary smart ring. From features to pricing to availability, here’s everything you need to know about the Velia smart ring:

Velia has been recognized at the CES 2024 Innovation Awards as one of the honorees for its innovative design and engineering. Although smart rings are no longer a first, Velia brings something new to the table through a constellation of sensors packed inside a tiny smart ring.

Velia Smart Ring Specs and Features

The Velia smart ring is pretty much like any other health smart ring. It will be designed to track steps, distance, activities, calorie burn, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, body temperature, blood pressure, stress, sleep, and fertility. These are the same metrics industry players like Ultrahuman Ring Air, Oura Ring, and RingConn can do.

What Velia sets apart from the market is its accuracy. Using a bunch of sensors packed into its body, Velia takes pride in its professional-grade sensors which are mini versions of medical-grade blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters. Because of this, Velia has a slimmer build than average smart rings. 

The founders also claim that its Photoplethysmography (PPG) module (which is made up of LEDs) is smaller and more accurate than existing smart rings. The LEDs shine light into the skin and a photodetector collects that light from the tissue. Competitors use photodetectors and 4 LEDs, while Velia has 6 photodetectors and 18 LEDs.


You can use Velia for health tracking and as a fashion statement since it’s not as bulky as the other smart rings. It is made of titanium material and coated with PVD.

In terms of battery, the Velia smart ring can be used for up to 4 days. It is waterproof up to 330 feet.


Velia Smart Ring Pricing and Availability

Velia costs $210 and is available in US6-14 sizes and in gold, silver, and black colors. There will also be a $10 premium membership option. For backers, this premium membership fee will be waived for life.

The sizing kits of Velia are scheduled to start shipping to backers in Q1 2024 while the first batch of shipments will commence in March 2024.


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