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Terms and conditions
‍Charging is based on a quarterly price (3 months). Your ads will be published upon receipt of the first payment and displayed for a period of three months (90 days). Each quarterly fee must be paid at the beginning of the period. Invoices are submitted via PayPal 7 days before the breakpoint date of the new 90-day period. The ads are continued to show upon receipt of the payment. In case of an unsettled payment, the ads will be discontinued within 3 days and the ad space is released for sale.

‍Ad artwork
You can create the artwork based on our guidelines and send the graphic files over to us for publishing. Alternatively, we can create the artwork for you for a one-time fee of USD 199.

‍‍How can you reserve the best matching pages?
Just fill in the signup form below and accept the terms and conditions. The first company to sign up gets first access to the available pages.


‍‍‍Front Page - USD 499 per 3 months
Buyer's Guide - USD 499 per 3 months
All Other Pages - USD 199 per 3 months

‍Advertise on two (2) pages - 10% discount on total.
Advertise on three (3) pages - 15% discount on total.
Advertise on four (4) or more pages - 20% discount on total.

‍(Note: No advertisements available on product pages. This pricing is valid in 2024.)

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Here’s some fresh data to back up your decision making – the top 10 pages in terms of average monthly views and average page view time. For in-depth background data, download our Annual Report 2020 to assess our traffic. Please note that the branded product pages are not shown because no banners are accepted on them.

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