Samsung Galaxy Ring: Release Date, Pricing, and Features to Expect


Samsung Galaxy Ring
Samsung Galaxy Ring is a health smart ring powered by Galaxy AI.

We’ve seen it—the Samsung Galaxy Ring has finally been out. Well, not out on the shelves for us to grab, but for us to get a taste that the South Korean tech giant is indeed working on something we’ve been waiting for—a smart ring.

Although we didn’t get much from the January 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event, we kind of have an idea of what the Galaxy Ring is all about. It’s a health ring with a big boost from its Galaxy AI, which the company has been pushing for all of its mobile devices and wearables. While AI is nothing new now, especially when it comes to smartphones, it has a critical function for a tiny smart ring.

When will Samsung release the Galaxy Ring?

There are no confirmed details yet as to when Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Ring. But based on what we know so far, we can expect a potential official launch in the second half of 2024. Back in September 2023, it was reported that Samsung is planning to release the ring in 2024 after an APK teardown of the Galaxy Wearable app. But we can’t take this bit of information as it is since we barely know anything about the smart ring at this point.

However, Samsung has already teased that it’s focusing on health monitoring with the Galaxy Ring. If it decides to seek medical approval, then a 2024 release might not be possible. Clearances from regulators don’t come fast and easy, usually taking about 12 months to finish, unless Samsung has already done the work prior to teasing the smart ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event. In that case, we might expect the Galaxy Ring to come out later in 2025.


In the past couple of years, we’ve seen several successful smart ring releases, including the Ultrahuman Ring Air, Ringconn, Evie Ring, and Circular Ring. All of these come from smaller tech companies, so there’s no reason for Samsung not to pull off a successful release of the Galaxy Ring.

What is the expected price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

Samsung has not mentioned anything about pricing. But if we look at the current price of health smart rings on the market with almost the same sets of features and functionalities, the Galaxy Ring would most likely be around $250 to $350.

For context, the base price of the leading health smart ring Oura Ring starts at $299, while close competitors Ultrahuman Ring Air and Ringconn./ cost $349 and $279, respectively. On the other hand, the forthcoming Amazfit Helio Ring is expected to cost around $200 to $250.


What features to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is as vague as it gets at this time. The only thing that’s certain at this point is that the Galaxy Ring is a health-monitoring device reinforced with Galaxy AI. That said, there’s so much to expect from this alone.

But if I’m gonna make a guess—the Galaxy Ring will surely be able to track steps, calorie burn, sleep, heart rates, and blood oxygen levels. These metrics are the foundation of most health smart rings available. If Samsung is feeling more advanced, it could throw in stress management, recovery monitoring, and period prediction into the bargain. Take note—all of these things are present in the most popular smart rings.

The integration of Galaxy AI into the smart ring could mean more personalized insights and recommendations into the user’s health data.


A feature like haptic feedback for smart alarms and notifications could also be in the works, and as a wild guess, support for Samsung Pay contactless payments might come as a big surprise. However, you need to take this information with a grain of salt as this is the company’s first foray into the smart ring market, so it certainly does not want to miss like Amazon did with its Halo Ring.

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