Does Oura Have a Competitor?


Oura Ring
Oura Ring is the leading smart ring device.

Oura is the leading health-tracking smart ring on the market. Based in Oulo, Finland, Oura has dominated the segment since 2015 for its game-changing functionalities, allowing users to keep tabs on their sleep, activities, heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, recovery, and even periods. During the pandemic, Oura’s popularity skyrocketed after users were reportedly able to detect early signs of COVID-19, resulting in more celebrities and athletes using it.

Before the pandemic, many health smart rings came out but most of them stopped releasing mainly due to lack of demand. The Motiv Ring was an example. The popularity of smartwatches also did not help as people preferred the wrist-based wearable for health monitoring. Of course, smart rings have advantages over smartwatches. However, people just didn’t get how a smart ring can help them.


Fast forward to 2024, Oura now has several worthy contenders. And in the coming months and years, with the announcement of the Amazfit Helio Ring and Samsung Galaxy Ring, we can expect bigger tech companies will be jumping into the smart ring market soon.

Oura’s Top Competitors

There are now more than a dozen health rings on the market. Here are some serious Oura competitors:

1. Ultrahuman Ring Air

Ultrahuman Ring Air
Ultrahuman Ring Air

With roots in India, this smart ring works pretty much like Oura. The Ultrahuman Ring Air monitors sleep, activities, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, periods, and recovery. But one thing that makes it unique is its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) feature which no other smart ring (or even health wearable) can do.


2. Ringconn


With roots in China, Ringconn has been drawing more attention since it came out for its free-for-life approach to health monitoring, unlike Oura which requires you to subscribe to a premium membership to get more detailed insights and access your health data for life.


3. Circular Ring

Circular Ring
Circular Ring

Dubbed as the slimmest smart ring, the Circular Ring has everything the Oura Ring has. One thing that stood out is its alarm system and timer functionalities that the former does not have. It also has an airplane mode to keep you focused.


4. Movano Evie Ring

Evie Ring
Evie Ring

Designed for women, the Evie Ring is the perfect health smart ring for women planning or trying to avoid pregnancy. Its award-winning open design flexes according to the user’s changes in their finger size due to temperature and the time of day. So it’s more comfortable.


Oura’s Upcoming Competitors

More Oura competitors will be available soon. Here are some smart rings we already will be out in the next few months:

Amazfit Helio Ring

From the maker of health smartwatches, the Amazfit Helio Ring was announced as every athlete’s health companion for tracking sleep, activities, and recovery. Based on the sound of it, the smart ring is pretty much Oura, except it puts heavy emphasis on an athlete’s performance. The Amazfit Helio Ring will be available in March 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is a health-monitoring smart ring just like the Oura Ring. Based on its initial introduction, the smart ring will zero in on people with sleep apnea and sleep-related problems in general. Although confirmed, no further details have been revealed at this point. The Samsung Galaxy Ring’s release date has not been announced yet.


Top Smart Rings You Can Get Now

If you are looking for smart rings, here are our top picks from the market:

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